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Re: Scaling fonts not working as expected

From: Tony Cook (
Date: Tue 19 Mar 2013 - 21:45:08 GMT

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    On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 01:21:41PM +0000, Peter Wood wrote:
    > Hello,
    > I'm working on a script that tries to determine whether a string
      rendered in a given font will exceed the width of the image, and, if
      so, scale the font down so that it fits inside the image. It's not
      working as I would expect, however. The test script appears below so
      that you can try to replicate the results yourself. What ends up
      happening is that the string in the scaled-down font appears to take
      up roughly the same width as the original font, and start at roughly
      the same point. That means that as it gets smaller, the string moves
      further off the left hand side of the image until it's completely
    > Any suggestions as to how to address this?

    The problem is that bounding_box() doesn't take the transformation
    matrix into account, and this isn't documented.

    This confuses both you (since you expect it to work) and
    align_string() which didn't take it into account.

    For your case, it's much simpler to just change the size of the text,
    rather than trying to transform it:

      # I converted this to plain CGI for testing

      # Find out whether the test string is wider than the image
      if ( $initial_width > $image_width ) {
          # Find the difference between the string width and the image width
          my $difference = $initial_width - $image_width;
          # Find the percentage the image width is of the initial width
          my $percentage = $image_width / $initial_width;
          $font_size *= $percentage;
          # NOTE size parameter to bounding_box()
          my $bbox2 = $font->bounding_box( string => $string, size => $font_size );
          my $scaled_width = $bbox2->display_width();
          print STDERR "Scaled width:$scaled_width\n";
      # Place the string on the image
          valign => 'center',
          halign => 'center',
          font => $font,
          x => $image->getwidth / 2,
          y => $image->getheight / 2,
          text => $string,
          size => $font_size, # NOTE THIS

    This has two advantages:

    - the code is simpler

    - the font output remains hinted

    The reason bounding_box() ignores the transformation matrix is that
    most of the values won't make much sense if the matrix includes
    rotation or shearing.

      my $output;
      $image->write( type => 'jpeg', data => \$output );

    Unless you plan to render on top of photos, jpeg is about the worst
    possible output format for this type of image.