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Re: Bundling Imager with PAR/pp

From: Tony Cook (
Date: Thu 28 Feb 2008 - 22:48:21 GMT

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    On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 09:07:58AM -0800, Dean Arnold wrote:
    > (I know I saw something posted on this somewhere, but can't
    > seem to find it anymore...)
    > I'm trying to build a Windows .exe of a utility based on
    > Imager. I need to include the GIF library in the bundle;
    > does anyone know the secret sauce to pull in the required
    > libraries ?

    Build giflib as a static library, and link Imager to that instead of
    to the DLL. If you're already linking to a .lib you might be linking
    to an import library.

    The linker should link to the static library if it sees that in the
    library search path and doesn't see the DLL/import library.