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Line width coming soon ?

From: Dean Arnold (
Date: Thu 24 Jan 2008 - 22:28:15 GMT

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    I saw a note RE: release 0.63 that mentioned "thick lines".
    I assume that's configurable linewidth ? Is there any
    chance that will show up soon ?

    I'm working on a mapping module (Imager::Map::Mercatur)
    loosely based on GD::Map, and wanted to optimize drawing
    of the 1000's of tiny linesegments by using polyline,
    but without a line thickness parameter, I'll have
    to change that to a polygon...and then the computation
    gets ugly (since map line segments can go in any direction).

    If someone's already coded up a solution to this issue, I'd be
    much obliged if you could pass it along.

    Dean Arnold
    Presicient Corp.