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Pasting problems; charting modules ?

From: Dean Arnold (
Date: Mon 24 Dec 2007 - 20:06:13 GMT

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    Some issues I'm having (using Imager 0.60 from the ppd on Win32):

    1. If I paste a 3 channel PNG image into a 4 channel image,
    the result is not properly rendered (sometimes not rendered at all).
    I'm trying to port GD::Tiler to Imager::Tiler, and need to be able
    to mix 3 and 4 channel images. I'm also trying to port DBD::Chart to Imager,
    and will need the 3 => 4 channel paste for it as well.

    2. If I paste a 4 channel image w/ transparent pixels into a
    4 channel image with existing content (e.g., a filled box() for
    a background color), the pasted image's transparent pixels overwrite
    the existing content, i.e., the resulting image has transparent pixels,
    rather than the prior image contents. Is there an option to do a blended
    paste ?

    Are these known issues, or should I open tickets in rt.cpan.org ?

    3. What are the existing charting modules for Imager ? I've thus far
    found Imager::Plot, Imager::Graph, and Imager::Chart::Radial.
    What does Imager::Plot support, just linegraphs ?
    lines and scatter graphs ? The docs seem silent on the subject.

    I've got current implementations of line, scatter, and area graphs,
    boxcharts, pie charts, barcharts, quadtrees/treemaps, and a simple Gantt
    chart in DBD::Chart::Plot which I'm porting over to Imager from GD,
    and I'm adding bubble charts and bulletcharts, and maybe gauges.
    (see www.presicient.com/dbdchart and www.presicient.com/dbixchart for info)
    It might be nice to merge these efforts into a single package (the
    rendering engines, not the SQL interface).

    4. Is there any plan to create a new PPD for version 0.62 soon ?

    Dean Arnold
    Presicient Corp.