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Imager 0.61_02

From: Tony Cook (
Date: Thu 29 Nov 2007 - 23:12:48 GMT


Since the next release of Imager includes some significant changes to
TIFF support, I've released a test release, 0.61_02.

The TIFF changes in particular are:

- 16 and 32-bit/sample grey/RGB (+alpha) TIFF images can be

- 16-bit/sample CMYK images can be read

- alpha channel handling for grey/cmyk images is now correct

- tiled paletted images can be read (as paletted, rather than as RGB)

- bi-level images are read in form that is written as bilevel by TIFF
and other formats.

- you have more control over the compression used.

If you use TIFF, and any of the above is useful, please have a play
with 0.61_02.