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Imager and threads

From: Ilya Dogolazky (
Date: Fri 21 Sep 2007 - 14:16:20 GMT

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    I have a problem with Imager in a multi-threaded Perl script. I have
    written a very simple script (without Imager) and it works well. But
    if I uncomment the line "use Imager" (so, I am only loading Imager.pm,
    do not ever use it!) the script either terminates by SIGSEGV or does
    not terminate and runs for ever and ever...

    My perl version is 5.8.4, Imager of the version 0.44 is installed on
    my computer (running Debian 3.1 GNU/Linux 2.6.16mib). The same problem
    occurs with the version 0.60 of Imager.pm


      Ilya Dogolazky

    And here is my script: ------------- works without "use Imager;" ----------- #!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict ; use Imager ; use threads ; my @th ; push @th, threads->create(\&my_thread, "id-$_") for (1..10) ; print "\n", $_->join for (@th) ; sub my_thread { return shift ; } ---------------- END OF SCRIPT -------------