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Imager 0.58 released

From: Tony Cook (
Date: Thu 17 May 2007 - 04:29:07 GMT


Note: Imager 0.56 and earlier have a buffer overflow bug, you need to
upgrade if you're running 0.56 or earlier.

Imager 0.58 has been released:

 - added to_rgb16 to produce a 16-bit/sample version of an image

 - improve freetype 1.x text output efficiency

Bug fixes:

 - search another place for rgb.txt, and check all the places
   Imager::Color checks when deciding whether to skip testing it

 - use a convolution kernel size based on the stddev rather than a
   fixed size when performing a gaussian blur

 - document the difference() method's mindist parameter, and debug it.

 - put the Imager release number in the Inline::C generated code to
   regenerate Inline code when a new release of Imager is installed.

 - fix rendering on alpha channel images for the FreeType 1.x driver.

 - fix rendering on alpha channel images for the T1lib driver.

 - reworked library probing, we can now set more than one probe
   function for a library. Disabled the default (non-freetype-config)
   library probe and added an extra probe function that searches for
   both ft2build.h and whatever it includes, and adds -I as needed.
   Hopefully this will fix build problems like

My current plans for 0.59 are:

- finish/rewrite/expand Arnar's SGI file support so it's secure and

- expand the TIFF code to support more sample sizes rather than the
  current "everything is 8-bit".