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Imager 0.56 released

From: Tony Cook (
Date: Mon 02 Apr 2007 - 03:59:37 GMT

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    Imager 0.56 has been released:

     - added support for reading 16-bit/sample PGM/PPM images

     - added support for writing 16-bit/sample PGM/PPM images

     - improved performance of reading PBM/PGM/PPM images

     - added support for writing PBM images if the image is paletted and
       contains only black and white

     - added a new make_colors value - "mono"

     - switched from the svn log Changes to a manual Changes to reduce

     - new sample code - samples/flasher.pl

    Bug fixes:

     - CRITICAL: the "Imager" typemap entry (not used by Imager itself)
       was returning an image object with an extra reference, this
       resulted in a memory leak.

     - fix rendering on alpha channel images for the FreeType 2.x driver

     - reading bmp files now consitently handles short reads. You can now
       supply a parameter to treat a short read as successful and set

     - previously, reading ASCII PBM files required spaces between samples,
       even though the format doesn't require that

     - improved documentation of the unsharpmask filter (I hope)

     - force flushing of the output from i_tt_dump_names() and test output
       in t/t35ttfont.t to prevent output from being mixed up.

     - rewrite a conditional expression as an if() to hopefully work around
       a bug in the pre-4.0 GCC Apple shipped with OS X 10.4.

     - avoid Data::Dumper in regops.perl to support older releases of perl