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accessing 16 bit data in TIFF files

From: Kim Ryan (
Date: Fri 09 Mar 2007 - 06:41:07 GMT

Is there any way to read the full 16 bit value for a channel in a TIFF
file. I have tried methods were I set bit precision to 16, but my data
always comes back as 8 bit values. Happy to try using packed bits if
that is the best way. I assume the following snippet from the doco means
I cannot get the full value




Imager should be able to read any TIFF image you supply. Paletted TIFF
images are read as paletted Imager images, since paletted TIFF images
have 16-bits/sample (48-bits/color) this means the bottom 8-bits are
lost, but this shouldn't be a big deal. Currently all direct color
images are read at 8-bits/sample.