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Imager 0.55 released

From: Tony Cook (
Date: Mon 18 Dec 2006 - 03:22:43 GMT

Imager 0.55 has been released.

This should be more usable on Win32, with the various fixes. The
incpath fix at the bottom means Makefile.PL now picks up the windows
header files correctly under MinGW (or did for me).

This is primarily a bug fix release.

Note: Test::More is now a pre-requisite for Imager and is no longer

There is one new feature:

- the Win32 font driver now supports UTF8 (RT 22166)

Several bugs were fixed:

- the string() method would not output the string "0" (RT 21770)

- fills.c was failing to compile on Solaris 10 (compiler unknown) (RT 21944)

- the gif_disposal and gif_user_input tags weren't being read from the file
  correctly (RT 22192)

- Win32 font driver fixes:
  - the global descent value from bounding box was the wrong sign
  - if the first or last glyph overflowed the left or right side of
    the advance width they would be clipped

- gif.c was failing to build under MSVC (RT 23922)

- in some cases strings passed to the string() method were treated as
  terminated by NUL (chr 0) (RT 21770)

- on "MSWin32" perl builds we now link to -lzlib instead of -lz since
  that's the default build name for zlib on Win32. (RT 23064)

- search $Config{incpath} for headers too, which we should have been
  doing all along.