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Imager 0.52

From: Tony Cook (
Date: Wed 26 Jul 2006 - 03:41:24 GMT

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    Hi guys,

    Imager 0.52 has been released to CPAN.

    This is primarily a feature release, but contains a fair few bug
    fixes, the new features are:

    - ability to read and write MS Windows ICO and CUR files

    - you can now add file format plugins to support new file formats

    - add POD coverage tests

    - setcolors() and addcolors() now accept color names and so on instead
      of requiring Imager::Color objects.

    - flood_fill() can now fill to a specified border color instead of
      just to the area the same color as the seed.

    Bug fixes:

    - bounding_box for the T1 driver wasn't converting UTF8 to ascii when
      calculating the advance width.

    - bounding_box for the T1 driver wasn't including leading and trailing
      spaces in the bounding box as the other drivers did, it also produced
      strange results for empty strings or strings containing only spaces

    - when reading CMYK jpeg images they were being transferred to the
      image object as is, producing a four channel image. It only looked
      ok due to an old still unfixed Photoshop bug. We now convert from
      the inverted CMYK that photoshop (and Corel for example) produce
      into RGB.

    - reading a CYMK TIFF would result in a 4 channel image, reading any
      image with more than 4 channels (eg. RGB with 2 alpha channels)
      would result in an error.

    - added /usr/local/include to the default include search path, since
      we were already searching /usr/local/lib for libraries.

    And various minor fixes and documentation updates.