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Imager 0.51_02

From: Tony Cook (
Date: Sun 09 Jul 2006 - 12:58:11 GMT

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    Hi all,

    Earlier this week I uploaded Imager 0.51_02, this add some extra minor
    improvements over 0.51_01:

    - updated ppport.h
    - the method index is now checked against the list of documented methods
      produced by the pod coverage tests
    - all public methods are now documented.
    - Imager::IO is now documented, and hopefully easier to use
    - setcolors() and addcolors() now accept color names and not just color

    If you get the chance please trying building and testing 0.51_02.

    There have been some minor changes since I produced this release to
    support perl 5.005_03, but I don't plan another development release
    for that.

    If I see no problems reported against 0.51_02 then I'll release 0.52
    at the end of the week.


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    The uploaded file


    has entered CPAN as

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