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Imager 0.51_01

From: Tony Cook (
Date: Wed 28 Jun 2006 - 14:08:58 GMT


I've released a development release of Imager, 0.51_01 to CPAN.

This adds the following new features:

- Window Icon/Cursor (ICO/CUR) file support
- file handler plugins
- flood_fill to a border color in addition to flood_fill of a region
  the same color as the seed pixel
- Changes is now in reverse date order - this is just a raw svn log
  dump for now, I may clean it up a bit at some point. This lists
  changes since 0.49 since the maintenance releases since then have been
  on their own branch.

The following fixes:
- various documentation changes
- write_multi({data => \$scalar}, ...) now actually produces some data
- the generated makefile now properly generates lib/Imager/APIRef.pod
- backported changes from the 0.49 maintenance branch

If you get a chance to test this, please do, both at the "make test"
level and for testing with your own code.

In particular I'm interested in whether there are ICO or CUR files
that can't be read, whether ICO or CUR files can be written that
Windows can't handle, and whether the new file support can be made to

Of course, I'm still interested in other problems if you see them.



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