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dynamically loadable filters

From: Tony Cook (
Date: Mon 09 Jan 2006 - 23:27:38 GMT

Hi All,

Imager currently has a simple dynamically loadable (and unloadable)
filter system, using direct calls to the platforms shared library
functions to load them, and C callbacks to register them.

You can find the sample filters in dynfilt in the source distribution.

Imager 0.48 will provide a new mechanism to add filters and will also
simplify more general C/XS/Inline::C access to Imager.

What I'm wondering is: is anyone using the existing dynamically
loadable filters?

I suspect no-one's using it, and it's kind of limited, clumsy to use,
and has some maintenance load.

What it comes down to is that I'm planning on removing the old
mechanism, unless someone's using it.

Please speak up if you are.

Imager maintainer.