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Imager 0.45_02

From: Tony Cook (
Date: Mon 12 Dec 2005 - 23:58:29 GMT


I've uploaded a release candidate for Imager 0.46 to CPAN, which has
reached the master CPAN mirror and should propagate to other mirrors
over the next few days.

If you have a chance, please try testing it, if you have the CPAN
shell setup you can run Imager's regression tests with:

  perl -MCPAN -eshell

  test T/TO/TONYC/Imager-0.45_02.tar.gz

This is also available from http://imager.perl.org/

The major changes in Imager 0.46 include:

  * EXIF support when reading JPEG images
  * you can read a given page of GIF or TIFF files
  * the read method now reads the first image of a GIF instead of
    consolidating them (the old behaviour is still available if needed)
  * you can limit the sizes of images read from files
  * significant documentation changes
  * many minor bug fixes