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next Imager release

From: Tony Cook (
Date: Wed 08 Dec 2004 - 23:18:24 GMT

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    A release candidate for Imager 0.44 has been uploaded to CPAN as a
    developer release (ie. with _ in the version number.)

    I would appreciate it if anyone who could ran the tests and then
    reported success or failure to me (or failures to 13030@xyz.molar.is).

    Most of the changes since 0.43 have been bug fixes, including:

    - tiff.c now compiles with recent tifflib
    - pnm and bmp file readers have had several bugs fixed
    - some integer overflows are now detected and handled appropriately
    - crop() is now sane

    and many other minor bug fixes. You can see a complete list of changes


    (0.43_01 and _02 were dists I made for local testing.)

    If you have the CPAN shell configured, testing the new release is as
    simple as:

      perl -MCPAN -eshell
      test T/TO/TONYC/Imager-0.43_03.tar.gz

    Tony Cook
    Imager co-maintainer