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Rubthrough, adding alpha and blending images

Date: Wed 03 Nov 2004 - 14:01:34 GMT

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    Hi there,

    im using Imager v0.41 on my FREEBSD 4.7. Everything is cool and i enjoy the
    change from IMAGE-MAGICK to IMAGER :)

    Now to my problem:

    i'm trying to blend an Image on another. With Rubthrough this should be
    possible. But something must be wrong.

    IMAGER reports no Error when im rubbing an Image on another. In the Resultimage
    no other Blended image is visible. Conclusion: i must be doing something wrong

    So ... heres what im doing:

     $IFILE ="3GbNjFoHmkur3kH8.jpg";
     $overlay = Imager->new();
     $overlay->open(file=>$IFILE) or die $overlay->errstr();
     $img->rubthrough(ty=>8, tx=>8, src=>$overlay);

    $img is a three-Channel-Image ... !

    Well .. i assume, that i forgot to add an alpha-channel with convert. But even
    if i do so, i dont know how to controll the opacity of the $overlay ...

    Can somebody help me?

    best regards

     // PaiRaN