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Print to screen

From: Tom Cresap (
Date: Fri 11 Jul 2003 - 19:06:40 GMT

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    Imager seems to be working nicely on many of the sample programs that I
    have found. The sample program simplelogo1.pl was trying to write() out
    a gif file, and after using the

    perl -MImager -le 'print for keys %Imager::formats'

    command you sent I see that I don't have support for gif files. Can I
    add gif support?

    Also I am trying to get Imager to print a png file to the screen using
    the code below, after creating $img and writing it to a file.

    Imager graphics code creates and writes() $img

    binmode STDOUT;
    print $img->png;

    The write() is working, but Imager says that it can't find "png.al in
    @INC" for the print function, is it available somewhere? Thanks. Tom