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One last font question

From: Dan Muey (
Date: Tue 03 Jun 2003 - 21:49:53 GMT

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    I swear after I get these then I'll leave you all alone! ;p

    1) If I am able to use Truetype fonts ok with Imager then does it work to simply upload new .ttf file and put the path to those in the script or do you have to install new .ttf
    Files somehow to incorporate them into imager?

    2) When Imager::Font guesses the font type based on file extension:
    .ttf files are Truetype
    .pbf files are t1 postscript
    .??? Files are Freetype2
    .??? Files are Win32 fonts
    can you even use win32 files on a *nix server?, assuming you have gdi32.lib|libgdi32.a and windows.h on your server of course

    That's it! After this no more bugging you form me about fonts!

    Thanks a bunch!