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Re: Font issues

From: Tony Cook (
Date: Wed 28 May 2003 - 00:13:25 GMT

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    On Tue, May 27, 2003 at 06:41:38PM -0500, Dan Muey wrote:
    > Hello list!
    > I love Imager.pm it's great!!!
    > I have two servers (freebsd & Redhat) that have no fonts installed:
    > use Imager;
    > print "Has truetype" if $Imager::formats{tt};
    > print "Has t1 postscript" if $Imager::formats{t1};
    > print "Has Win32 fonts" if $Imager::formats{w32};
    > print "Has Freetype2" if $Imager::formats{ft2};
    > No output.
    > So my question is this:
    > Is there a guide somewhere that can show me how to install fonts so that
    > Imager can use them?
    > Can I simply upload some .ttf files into a certain directory and reinstall Imager?
    > Any help in understandig the way Imager uses fonts/determines which types it has and which exist that'd be great. I looked ta the source and just saw a -e check so that's why I was wondering if all I have to do is upload a font file and them maybe use the complete path to it in the Font object.

    The problem isn't that you have no fonts installed, the problem is that
    you have no font rendering libraries installed.

    Under Redhat you'd probably want to install the freetype RPMS
    installed (you probably have the shared libraries installed, and
    probably just need to install the development RPM.)

    Under freebsd you might grab the sources from:


    and follow the installation instructions.

    Once you've installed freetype2, then try running:

      perl Makefile.PL

    in an expanded Imager source tree, you should see a line like:

     freetype2: includes found - libraries found

    in the output.

    This same output indicates whether image format libraries were found
    too, such as libjpeg - if you need support for a format which is
    listed here, but can't find both includes and libraries, you will need
    to install that library too.