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Font issues

From: Dan Muey (
Date: Tue 27 May 2003 - 23:41:38 GMT

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    Hello list!

    I love Imager.pm it's great!!!

    I have two servers (freebsd & Redhat) that have no fonts installed:
             use Imager;
             print "Has truetype" if $Imager::formats{tt};
             print "Has t1 postscript" if $Imager::formats{t1};
             print "Has Win32 fonts" if $Imager::formats{w32};
             print "Has Freetype2" if $Imager::formats{ft2};
    No output.

    So my question is this:
            Is there a guide somewhere that can show me how to install fonts so that
    Imager can use them?

            Can I simply upload some .ttf files into a certain directory and reinstall Imager?

            Any help in understandig the way Imager uses fonts/determines which types it has and which exist that'd be great. I looked ta the source and just saw a -e check so that's why I was wondering if all I have to do is upload a font file and them maybe use the complete path to it in the Font object.

            TIA for any guidance/knowledge/documentation etc..