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Re: Re: automatically finding format of 'data' type

From: Tony Cook (
Date: Tue 13 May 2003 - 00:09:23 GMT

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    On Mon, May 12, 2003 at 08:43:47AM -0700, rayg wrote:
    > i really want to use Imager, but i need to do:
    > $img->open(data=>$data)
    > without the explicit type definition since i only am given the image data
    > in a buffer with no other knowledge. i currently use Image::Size to
    > determine height, width, and type. but Imager is 150% faster and has a
    > smaller memory footprint so i'd rather use it. it also has a feature i
    > now really need to use- image scaling.
    > so my question is: what is preventing automatic type detection from being
    > added? i see the comment in Imager.pm:
    > # FIXME: Find the format here if not specified
    > # yes the code isn't here yet - next week maybe?
    > # Next week? Are you high or something? That comment
    > # has been there for half a year dude.
    > # Look, i just work here, ok?

    Current CVS attempts to guess the image file type.

    It does require a seekable data source (so you can't use a socket, and
    if you use callbacks you need to supply the seek callback.)