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Re: using fonts

From: Arnar Mar Hrafnkelsson (
Date: Mon 12 May 2003 - 17:43:08 GMT

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    Imager doesn't really maintain a font database so it's hard to be able to
    list them because it really is just the fonts on your system that imager
    can read. Which formats it can read is dependent on which
    libraries/includes it found during compilation (as in previous email).

    -- Arnar.

    On Mon, 12 May 2003, Dan Muey wrote:

    > I've been trying to put some text on my image but with no success.
    > So I do what the Imager::Font man page says :
    > use Imager;
    > print "Has truetype" if $Imager::formats{tt};
    > print "Has t1 postscript" if $Imager::formats{t1};
    > print "Has Win32 fonts" if $Imager::formats{w32};
    > print "Has Freetype2" if $Imager::formats{ft2};
    > Result is no ouput. So apparently I have no font support.
    > So my question is now ::
    > 1) How can I have/how can I know if I have "T1lib and freetype avaliable" for Imager?
    > 2) How can I make new fonts available for Imager to use?
    > 3)How do I get a list of available fonts?
    > ( Something like how I can get a list of available hatches :: my @hatches = Imager::Fill->hatches(); )
    > my @truetype = Imager::Font('tt'); # something like this??
    > I'm trying to understand how Imager uses fonts better so I can use
    > it more effectively, so I really appreciate any insight you could give.
    > Thanks a bunch!
    > Dan