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using fonts

From: Dan Muey (
Date: Mon 12 May 2003 - 16:10:10 GMT

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    I've been trying to put some text on my image but with no success.
    So I do what the Imager::Font man page says :

            use Imager;
            print "Has truetype" if $Imager::formats{tt};
            print "Has t1 postscript" if $Imager::formats{t1};
            print "Has Win32 fonts" if $Imager::formats{w32};
            print "Has Freetype2" if $Imager::formats{ft2};

    Result is no ouput. So apparently I have no font support.

    So my question is now ::

    1) How can I have/how can I know if I have "T1lib and freetype avaliable" for Imager?

    2) How can I make new fonts available for Imager to use?

    3)How do I get a list of available fonts?
    ( Something like how I can get a list of available hatches :: my @hatches = Imager::Fill->hatches(); )
    my @truetype = Imager::Font('tt'); # something like this??

    I'm trying to understand how Imager uses fonts better so I can use
    it more effectively, so I really appreciate any insight you could give.

    Thanks a bunch!