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Re: mod_perl env problem?

Date: Wed 05 Feb 2003 - 07:11:43 GMT

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    Hi folks,
    I took a closer look at my mod_perl script and I noticed a glaring bug in
    it. After I fixed the bug (whoops, sorry), Imager worked fine. Thanks for
    the help.

    - "In God we trust, all others bring data"

    Dean Chang

                          "Arthur Bergman"
                          <arthur@contille To: "Tony Cook" <07467@xyz.molar.is>
                          r.se> cc: Dean L Chang/CA/SDA@VZNotes, imager-devel@molar.is
                                                   Subject: Re: [Imager-devel]: mod_perl env problem?
                          02/03/2003 11:07

    On tisdag, feb 4, 2003, at 00:01 Europe/Stockholm, Tony Cook wrote:

    >> Hi developers,
    >> My question is basically, does Imager have any problems working in the
    >> mod_perl/apache environment? I'm running:
    >> RH 7.3 linux i586
    >> apache 1.27 (stable, built from source)
    >> mod_perl 1.27 (stable, built from source)
    >> libjpeg 6.x (comes with RH 7.3 install)
    >> libjpeg-devel 6.x (comes with RH 7.3 linux install)
    >> DBI, CGI, etc...
    > I believe Artur is running Imager under mod_perl.

    Yes I am, however we do it all with cleanly built sources, no jpeg
    problems to report.