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Imager, stability and mod_perl

Date: Mon 27 Jan 2003 - 23:39:21 GMT

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    I've just written a small HTML::Mason component that will take an image
    and output a small icon of it, on the fly. This means I have Imager
    loaded into mod_perl under apache. Does anyone one know of issues with
    this arrangement. Specifically possible resource leaking, seg faults or
    even security risks.

    I'm doing some agressive caching, so Imager isn't going to be used all
    that often, but still.

    Arnar mentioned a bug in libgif, that Arthur has a patch for. I believe
    I've applied this patch. I can't find the patch right now, so I'm not
    sure and would like to make sure before deploying.

    Has anyone on the list deployed Imager w/in mod_perl or other daemon?