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Mac and Imager

From: Ward W. Vuillemot (
Date: Tue 07 Jan 2003 - 05:51:21 GMT

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    I have been having problems with Imager installing on Mac OS X 10.2.3.
    It cannot find my libraries. I have rooted around the Makefile.pl and
    fudged with the header and libs arrays to point it toward the right

    On top of this, i have Fink installed. I was hoping some, if not all,
    the necessary libraries would be found therein at /sw/include where PNG
    and JPEG libraries are installed. but when I do install Imager it
    complains of differing versions between libpng being compiled versus
    what is being used....

    I am a bit new to all of this...and learn by trying. Any help --
    pointers -- is greatly appreciated.