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Tick label with Imager::Plot

From: Etienne Goyer (
Date: Mon 06 Jan 2003 - 19:23:23 GMT

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    I am using Imager::Plot to plot some data. I would like to change the
    tick label on the X axis. The doc hint to it but I can't find details
    or example.

    Here is my problem : I have some data for which the X value is a Unix
    timestamp. Obviously, "1041534900" is not telling much to the user.
    Saying "Jan 2 2003 14:05:00" would be much more appropriate. So what I
    wuld like is a way to tell my Imager::Plot object that "1041534900"
    should be labelled as "Jan 2 2003 14:05:00" instead.

    As usual, an example is worth a thousand man page ! :)

    Thanks for your help. So far, I must say that Imager::Plot is the best
    module I found on CPAN for plotting. At least, it's the one producing
    the nicest graph, so I look forward to solving this issue.

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