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bounding boxes

From: Slaven Rezic (
Date: Wed 14 Aug 2002 - 14:57:25 UTC

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    is the output of the bounding_box method in Imager::Font correct? The
    document states that the elements are: $neg_width, $global_descent,
    $pos_width, $global_ascent, $descent, $ascent; but in tests I got
    results like this (this should be a 24 point font): 1, -21, 135, 6,
    -1, 18. $neg_width, $pos_width, $descent and $ascent look right, but
    $global_descent and $global_ascent look wrong.

    And a request: it seems that bounding_box does not honor the current
    transformation. However, there is i_ft2_bbox_r() in the C code, which
    returns the bounding box using the transformation. Could
    bounding_box() be rewritten to use the current transformation?


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