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Imager 0.40 released

From: Arnar Mar Hrafnkelsson (
Date: Thu 11 Apr 2002 - 15:29:45 UTC

Ok, 0.40 is finally out the door!

You can download it from the homepage:


or a direct link:


There are lots of enhancements in this release, and finally something
resembling structured documentation.

If you like Imager (or hate it) or have suggestions for improvements let
us know.

-- Arnar & Tony

The verbatim changes list follows:

0.40 pre1
        - anti-aliased polygon fill
        - add general fill to polygon fill
        - make color values smarter for the drawing functions
        - implemented reading and writing the TIFF text tags
        - added prototypes for some of the derivative tags functions
        - read paletted tiff images into Imager paletted images
        - on partial tiff image reads, set the i_incomplete tag
        - tiff reading now uses the error stack
        - use the error stack value from reading bmp files
        - fix an error message in bmp.c
        - added has_chars() method to Imager::Font::FreeType2
        - freetype 2 bounding box function didn't know UTF8 (doh!)
        - write paletted images as paletted to tiff
        - initialize counter for packing 4 bit data
        - don't allocate hashboxes as locals since it overflows the
          stack by default in Darwin
        - applied T1 afm patch from Claes Jacobsson
        - split IM_INCPATH and IM_LIBPATH with $Config{path_sep}, so they
          work on Windows
        - Added memory pools for easy cleanup of temp buffers
        - Added read support for sgi .rgb files.
        - io_new_fd() now creates a FDSEEK io object
        - implemented i_readgif_wiol()
        - Imager->read() now uses i_readgif_wiol();
        - extend callback iolayers at C and Perl levels
        - implemented i_writegif_wiol()
        - split out Perl iolayer initialization into private methods
        - add tests for each type of iolayer in t50basicoo.t
        - read/write multi-image tiff files
        - tests in t50basicoo.t for multi-image/file
        - ASCII PBM files were reading white as dark gray (255 vs 1)
        - modify the Freetype2 font code to pick it's own encoding
          rather than using whatever strange translation FT2 happens to
        - modify the FT1 font code to use the first encoding as a default
          if we don't find a unicode encoding
        - use the glyph bbox to calculate the glyph bitmaps for rendering
          with FT1 rather than the global ascender/descender. This helps
          with fonts that have broken metrics.
        - fix calculation of descender for FT2, it was calculating the
          minimum decent rather than the maximum for the characters in
          the string
        - didn't set default for bounding_box() utf8 parameter (caused a
          warning when calling bounding_box() on a FT2 font with no utf8
        - Added lib/Imager/Draw.pod documentation of primitives.
        - Added lib/Imager/Transformations.pod, some docs of simple
        - Added lib/Imager/ImageTypes.pod, draft of ImageType pod.
        - Added lib/Imager/Filters.pod, draft of Filters pod.
        - Added lib/Imager/Engines.pod, draft of Engines pod.
        - added getpixel() and setpixel() methods
        - added Artur's OSX dlload() emulation, with minor changes
        - modified _color() to work around a 5.6.0 bug
        - replaced old gif options with tags
        - we now log which memory block is being freed before giving
          an error on it being re-freed
        - fixed stupid bug in deleting tags
        - fixed minor pod errors involving >
        - make t1log optional, defaulting to off. You can enable the log
          with Imager::init(t1log=>1) (Ticket #369)
        - quote a few hash key strings to prevent warnings on 5.004
        - modify quantization code to handle 1 channel images
          correctly (Ticket #365)
        - make channel pointer to i_gsamp() const int * so we can pass
          const arrays
        - handle the presence of the default broken giflib better,
          by giving them some more prose about the problem, and skipping
          all but the first test that fails with the broken giflib
        - i_box_cfill() went into an infinite loop on fountain fills
          or fills on images with more than 8-bits/sample
        - hide more of our Darwin dlload emulation to prevent runtime
          symbol conflicts
        - use INT2PTR() and PTR2IV() macros instead of direct casts to
          prevent pointer vs int size warnings on 64-bit builds of perl.
        - add our own INT2PTR and PTR2IV definitions when perl doesn't
          supply them
        - difference() method
        - hide (with static) or rename many symbols that could possibly
          cause conflicts with other libraries or perl
        - Fix runaway cache problem for freetype1 font cache.
        - Added version logging when log is started.

        - difference() wasn't setting an alpha channel when the input
          image didn't have one
        - improve crop() documentation, see
        - handle the first "buggy giflib" test more portably. Previously
          it used fork() which caused problems on systems that didn't have
          a real fork().