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Imager 0.40pre2 released

From: Arnar Mar Hrafnkelsson (
Date: Mon 01 Apr 2002 - 14:55:43 UTC

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    Hey all and happy April 1st,

    We hope 0.40pre2 is the last pre version before 0.40, It should be
    pretty stable by now. A direct link to the tar.gz is:


    And the Imager devel page is at:


    The change log follows:

     - make t1log optional, defaulting to off. You can enable the log
       with Imager::init(t1log=>1) (Ticket #369)
     - quote a few hash key strings to prevent warnings on 5.004
     - modify quantization code to handle 1 channel images
       correctly (Ticket #365)
     - make channel pointer to i_gsamp() const int * so we can pass
       const arrays
     - handle the presence of the default broken giflib better,
       by giving them some more prose about the problem, and skipping
       all but the first test that fails with the broken giflib
     - i_box_cfill() went into an infinite loop on fountain fills
       or fills on images with more than 8-bits/sample
     - hide more of our Darwin dlload emulation to prevent runtime
       symbol conflicts
     - use INT2PTR() and PTR2IV() macros instead of direct casts to
       prevent pointer vs int size warnings on 64-bit builds of perl.
     - add our own INT2PTR and PTR2IV definitions when perl doesn't
       supply them
     - difference() method
     - hide (with static) or rename many symbols that could possibly
       cause conflicts with other libraries or perl
     - Fix runaway cache problem for freetype1 font cache (Ticket #197)
     - Added version logging when log is started.

    -- Arnar & Tony