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Re: Installation

From: Tony Cook (
Date: Fri 07 Dec 2001 - 02:59:01 UTC

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    On Thu, 6 Dec 2001, Mark McKay wrote:

    > Hi there. I recently downloaded the Imager perl module and am trying to
    > install it on my Windows 98 box with Active Perl. I'm having some
    > trouble. I've downloaded libpng, libjpeg and libungif, and I think
    > they're sound, but Makefile.pl can't find them. It also can't find
    > wsock32.dll and a bunch of other things it ought to be able to. It also
    > spits out an include path which makes me think it's expecting a linux
    > root . I set my environment variables IM_INCPATH & IM_LIBPATH directly
    > to the lib???? package, but makefile.pl still couldn't find it.

    I build a PPM package for AS perl, available from
    http://ppd.develop-help.com/, unfortunately it doesn't have GIF support.

    I keep the libraries in c:\lib and c:\include and add these directories to
    the LIB and INCLUDE environment variables respectively.

    I admit I never tried using IM_INCPATH and IM_LIBPATH for this - and
    unless your directories have no drive letters, I can see they won't work,
    since they're split on :, rather than adapting to the OS.

    I have the libraries named following Unix conventions (libpng.lib rather
    than png.lib.)

    Then it just works, though I haven't managed to get GIF working, but since
    I haven't tried much either it's not suprising. I do know some other
    people did get GIF working on Win32.


    Tony Cook