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From: Mark McKay (
Date: Fri 07 Dec 2001 - 01:56:45 UTC

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    Hi there. I recently downloaded the Imager perl module and am trying to
    install it on my Windows 98 box with Active Perl. I'm having some
    trouble. I've downloaded libpng, libjpeg and libungif, and I think
    they're sound, but Makefile.pl can't find them. It also can't find
    wsock32.dll and a bunch of other things it ought to be able to. It also
    spits out an include path which makes me think it's expecting a linux
    root . I set my environment variables IM_INCPATH & IM_LIBPATH directly
    to the lib???? package, but makefile.pl still couldn't find it.

    My question is on how to install this. Any Win32 users out there able
    to help me?

    Mark McKay

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