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Imager-0.39 Released

From: Arnar Mar Hrafnkelsson (
Date: Fri 02 Nov 2001 - 21:23:52 UTC

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    Imager 0.39 is released!

    The direct link to the download is:

    Or you can hit the download button on the homepage:

    It should also show up on CPAN soon. The question that Lawrenty Novitsky
    had about reading from scalars has been fixed. It used to be that some
    formats could be read from scalars and others not. When we moved to the
    unified data source code I forgot to re add the api to read from scalars.

    Anyhow, changes since 0.38 are:

    o Windows bmp and targa files are now supported.
    o Writing faxable tiff now allows 2 and 4 channel images.
    o Added freetype 2 support (some utf8, vertical layout)
    o Support for GDI fonts under Win32.
    o Freetype and t1lib now work under Win32.
    o Improved support for multi-image gif files and associated
    o Added tag support to handle image metadata such as
    o Generally improved error handling for reading/writing

    o New fountain fill filter: Can use solid fill gradients,
       image based fills, fills with alpha blending, hatched fills. Box and
       arc primitives can also use generic fills.
    o New method for rotating, both in steps of 90 degrees or exact
       degree rotations. Also single step, shearing, scaling, rotating and
       translating via 2d matrix.
    o Interfaces for Mosiac, bumpmap, postlevels, watermark and
       gaussian filters.
    o Added unsharp mask and a new bumpmap filter with phong
       shading and specular highlights.
    o Rubthru made more flexible.
    o Improved scaling code for borders, and ring artifact fixed.

    o Imager::Font::Type1 and Imager::Font::Truetype added
    o Imager::Matrix2d convenience class for rotations.
    o Imager::Fountain for building Fills.
    o Virtual image interface, 8-bit/sample images, paletted images,
       16-bit/sample images, added an image type with doubles as samples,
       masked images.
    o Writing non-8bit images to raw and tiff.
    o All memory leaks should be removed.
    o Api for reading from scalars added.

    Also Lots and lots of bugfixes, and many added tests.

    All work on this version was done by Arnar (me) and Tony Cook.