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Reading from and writing to scalar

From: Lawrenty Novitsky (
Date: Tue 30 Oct 2001 - 17:21:02 UTC

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    Hello imager-devel,

    "this is usefull if your data originates from
    somewhere else than a filesystem such as a database over a
    DBI connection."

    It would be really useful.

    The only given code example in the Imager documentation of reading from scalar
    fails to work on my system( linux red hat 7.0, perl 5.6, Imager 0.38).
    Perfectly works w/ files, but i need to store images in db.

    Maybe i do something in a wrong way? Or this is Imager problem?

    i'm not subscribed for this mail-list, so, please email me directly.

    Thanx in advance.

    Best regards,
     Lawrenty Novitsky                         mailto:03434@xyz.molar.is