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Re: Imager::Font

From: Michael (
Date: Thu 14 Jun 2001 - 00:46:41 UTC

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    Hi Mike;

    On Wed, 13 Jun 2001, Mike Depot scribed:

    > you have little typo:
    > = should be -> on read()
    > $img=read(file=>"test.jpg");
    > should be:
    > $img->read(file=>"test.jpg");

    Thanks Mike...that did it...:-) ...but the typo was a "cut_&_paste" from
    the actual page(string)...so it needs to be corrected on there as well.


    Also on that page is another example that I believe has a minor boo-boo
    as well and throws a syntax error if used as is. ie:

    $img->string(font => $font,
                 text => "Model-XYZ",
                 x => 15,
                 y => 40,
                 size => 40,
                 color => $red
                 aa => 1);

    If I'm not mistaken, I think the code above is missing a "," after the
    $red variable.

    Once again thanks for your time Mike, I do appreciate it.


           best regards

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