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Re: More text renduring questions

From: Mike Depot (
Date: Wed 02 May 2001 - 16:30:30 UTC

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    The attachments were not in the list message. Perhaps the list manager
    filters out attachments? Could you post them to a web page someplace and
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    From: "Spohn, Albert F." <01092@xyz.molar.is>
    To: <imager-devel@molar.is>
    Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2001 12:11 PM
    Subject: [Imager-devel]: More text renduring questions

    > Hi guys - thanks very much for the help so far. My next challenge is to
    > make part of my text string one color and the other another color. For
    > those interested I've attached the current state of my gif (current.gif)
    > well as the manually created gif that I'm seeking to produce with the
    > module (objective.gif). Obviously I have a fair amount of tweaking to do,
    > but my primary question at this point is how to create the alternating
    > colors... will I need to combine two images to do this? Also, what are
    > of the likely parameters you would suggest playing with to attempt to size
    > my gif down to the smaller size of the photoshop created gif?