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State of the iolayer

From: Arnar Mar Hrafnkelsson (
Date: Fri 09 Mar 2001 - 11:45:06 UTC

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    The earlier email showed the addition of the first format to support
    writes to a scalar.

    The trick here is that we only need to implement writing and then we can
    at the same time write to all kinds of sources (or sinks I guess in the
    case of writing).

    So here is a quick summary of the iolayer and what has and hasn't been

    jpeg, tiff, pnm are working.
    png, gif, raw have not been implemented yet.

    tiff is working.
    jpeg, pnm, png, gif, raw have not been implemented yet.

    Seekable files, buffer chains have been implemented.
    Unseekable, single buffer, callbacks have not been implemented.


    There will probably be lots of issues with getting gif to work with this -
    so I might leave that until the end as a special case. (unless of course
    someone wants to do it sooner).


    Lastly - I'll probably not have a lot of time for Imager during the next
    two months since I need to take some pesky exams. I wanted to get this
    out so it would simplify merging patches (which I will be receiving by
    the truckloads?).

      -- Arnar