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0.38pre6 Released

From: Arnar Mar Hrafnkelsson (
Date: Fri 09 Mar 2001 - 11:19:01 UTC

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    This version introduces some bugfixes and the ability to write to
    scalars (which has been implemented for tiff only).
    From the change log:

      - Patch from Tony that fixes infix when Parse::RecDescent is
    present. Checked some cases where malloc/free were used instead of
    mymalloc/myfree. Added bufchain iolayer code. You can now write to a
    chain of buffers and later slurp it all into a single perl scalar.
    Found some oddity of t/t10 test not giving the right return value when
    malloc debugging was enabled. Fixed some of the logging code and the
    malloc debugging options. Added more tests for tiffs.

    This means that it is now possible to do things like:

      $img->write(data=>\$rawdata, type=>"tiff") or die $img->errstr;

    It would be nice if people did some tests on this. Also note that there
    might be some stale debugging code in tiff.c and iolayer.c (Which will be
    gone in the next version).

     -- Arnar