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Masking writing style

From: Anonymous (
Date: Mið 21 Feb 2001 - 11:52:28 UTC

Z i was just browsing through the archive and noticed a
previous post about writing style and the masking thereof.
Z i wonder whether it wouldn't be more effective to go and
read a load of e e cummings poetry and try to force all
text into his style with no caps anywhere ever and probably
very little punctuation too.

Masking writing style?
It seems such a good idea
but hard to achieve.

You could always write haiku or sonnets,
Or rhyme for the sake of it (bonnets)...
Or mss t ll yr vwls
- Hmmm, tht rhms wth twls -
Or slip in irrelevant words like "lobster".

I guess it all depends whether people really really deep
down *want* to be anonymous.