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Re: RE: RE: RE: strange

From: Anonymous (
Date: Fim 09 Nóv 2000 - 09:54:13 UTC

> What does the list say? Should the list-owner make the
> e-mail addresses public given the current technical situation?

Nah. List gets big, problem goes away.

> Think it would be neat feature if mailing list software
> would wait for random number of minutes/hours before distributing
> messages to list.

This would make discussions more drawn out and more difficult
to participate in. Is the added anonymity worth this degrading
communications in this way?

> Time-zones, working-hours, home internet-use, etc. All these
> affect message flow.

Again: list gets big, problem goes away.

Anyway, I think the list owner should run the technical
aspects of the list as a dictator, consulting the list members
is unnecessary as long as people can easily unsubscribe
(on the list´s home page) and anonymity is preserved.

IMHO adding a delay, message corruption, time warps or playing
funny games with the recipient lists for each message are
all most effective and interesting if the collective as
a whole doesn't really know which rules are in effect at
any given time.

I think the most important goal at the moment is to find
more people to play with us, and possibly some sort of "topic"
so the discussions will move beyond "what's this?" and "why
are we doing things this way?".

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