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Re: RE: RE: RE: strange

From: Anonymous (
Date: Mið 08 Nóv 2000 - 21:34:28 UTC

>> Hmm...I cant tell who is who, I only know two names on this
>> list (besides mine, but I suspect the fourth one) but I
>> cant tell what mail belongs to whom.
>Maybe the list-owner should post a list of the e-mail addresses
>that are subscribed. The way the system is currently built,
>the list-owner and the molar.is sys admin get a notification
>every time someone subscribes to the list. It's not entirely
>fair that some list members have access to more info than
>others. Either that or to modify the software so that all
>subscribtion notifications are dropped.
>What does the list say? Should the list-owner make the
>e-mail addresses public given the current technical situation?

Nahhh...I dont think he should do that. He will just have
to live a double life, one as a normal member of this list
and another as the list master or then just have that advantage.
We as users will never know for sure if he knows who we
are or not, if he can really tell who is who.

If/when the list gets big and the blabber will get to much
then there will be no way in telling who is who and certainly
not from timezones and stuff like that.

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