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Re: RE: strange

From: Anonymous (
Date: Mið 08 Nóv 2000 - 00:38:34 UTC

> Uhh- is the discussion on this list supposed to be silly
> or serious? Won't people become tired if everyone is always
> writing garbage?

Actually, I think there is no set purpose with this list,
except to see how people behave when completely anonymous
and unable to tell who they are really communicating with.
An expirament.

The larger the group gets, the more disorienting it will
become. We are only up to 4 subscribers now, according
to the list home page, and I'm already confused! I think
I've got three of us pegged (recognize the writing style
and know who I am), but I can't quite tell whether the fourth
is taking part or not. Which just makes it more interesting.

That of course, doesn't mean we can't make up our own rules...
Or guidelines... Or just ignore the garbage and reply to
the interesting bits.

Is this kind of mailing list useful for anything? If so,
what? If not, how long will it keep us interested?

We could just swap pr0n links for a while, and hope the
molar.is tech guy isn't reading his log files...

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