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Re: bugs bugs bugs bugs

From: Anonymous (
Date: Fös 03 Nóv 2000 - 16:57:46 UTC

> This link is broken. 'T should be:
> http://www.molar.is/en/lists/collective/2000-11/0003.shtml

I know, I know, I know... But at least the WWW posting form
works, which is more than could be said for it a few weeks
ago, here in the english-language section of the web. This
sorta falls under the "I know all the links are broken"
statement at the top of the English web. The English stuff
is just not very high on my priority these days.

> Also: T'd be nice if the list only accepted messages from
> subscribed e-mail addresses.
> The lack of identity puts enough stress on the communication
> prospects. Allowing for outsider mail-bomb attacks be an
> overkill.

You already asked for that, I already said a bug needed
to be fixed for it to work...

Ugh. I'm feeling pressured all of a sudden, and you probably
didn't even mean it that way. I really, really need to
find time for a few solid days of hacking to get all sorts
of things straightened out.

Or maybe I should try to delegate.

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