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RE: RE: I am the walrus

From: Anonymous (
Date: Lau 07 Okt 2000 - 05:03:41 UTC

> > Using a semi-standard format for your signature does have
> > benefits you know... (hint: place a "-- " before your standard
> > signature).

So if I don't want my signature to show I have to do something.
It'd rather like it to work the other way around; that is
if I want my signature to show - I should have to go through
some trouble.

If we assume that "--" is an acceptable markup for defining
where the message ends and a signature (and misc. Crap)
begins - is it possible to enforce such a rule that a message
*without* any "--" lines is automatically rejected by the

I realize how unneccessary bureaurocracy makes communication
harder, but I somehow feel that this may be justifiable
"security" procedure to keep messages from "catching" accidental
signatures on a regular basis. Of course signatures don't
prove the sender's identity, but they'd nonetheless interfer
with the free flow of ID-less communication as they imply
certain identities which users will know to be "often" accurate.

In other words: including a signature should *always* be
an informed decision.

Már Örlygsson
Designer and User Advocate

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