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The Collective mailing-list enables minds to connect seamlessly by removing the notion of individual identity from the communication. All messages look as if they come in from the void. The senders identity is removed from the message and all that is left is the ideas contained in the message. Clean ideas. The project is highly experimental and the outcome is completely uncertain. More precisely - there will be no outcome. - Only ideas - communication - pure brain synapses sent between minds over the Internet. Experimental communication internetworked art. Whatnot! Take part. Be the collective.

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Participation in this list is unrestricted. Anybody may send the list a message, which will be forwarded to it's subscribers as long as it doesn't exceed size limits or other technical constraints. The list's email address is

This list is not moderated.

This mailing list has an open archive, where you may browse old messages which have been sent to the list.

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