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Re: A philosophical question: To rewrite or not to rewrite

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Sun 04 Aug 2002 - 23:37:18 UTC

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    On 2002-08-04, 11:56:37 (+0100), Robert de Bath wrote:
    > > The result is faster processing, as no content decoding/encoding takes
    > > place, and no risk of content trashing, due to buggy decoders/encoders.

    ... and scanning with third-party virus scanners won't work
    (unless they know how to decode MIME, which some do), and
    disinfection by said scanners definately won't work.

    It would be possible to implement this without breaking things, if
    you doubled the I/O and disk-space usage of the program - saved
    the encoded attachment to disk, decoded, scanned and then
    reinserted the original content if scanning found no problems. But
    that wouldn't be much faster... it would be much slower in many
    cases. :-)

    Frankly, if this is the behavior you want, then you would probably
    be better off using one of the other open-source mail scanners. I
    don't mean this in a bad way - different programs are designed in
    different ways, and choosing the program designed to support the
    behavior you want makes alot more sense than trying to redesign a
    program designed to work in an entirely different way. At least
    one of them has support for my HTML defanging code.

    > Firstly;
    > I think this is a _very_ good idea, if Anomy isn't intrested in the
    > contents of an attachment it shouldn't encode/decode it. Then it would
    > even be able to pass messages with unknown content types like the 'x-yenc'
    > or 'x-base251' that may appear soon.

    You're assuming (incorrectly) that the headers properly reflect what
    the contents of an attachment are. Then what happens if someone
    figures out a way to get Outlook to execute a binary disguisesed as
    a image/jpeg .jpg attachment? Some common viruses do exactly that.

    > It may even allow me to up the maximum size of message that I allow
    > Anomy to check.

    I place no limits on this myself - I spent alot of time getting
    Anomy's memory/disk usage as independant of message size as
    possible so I wouldn't have to, and this work is the root of the
    problems you're discussing above.

    If you aren't using any virus scanners (which require a temporary
    file to work with), then Anomy can scan infinitely large messages
    without every touching the disk or eating up more than a fixed
    amount of memory. When using virus scanners, Anomy's disk usage
    is dictated to the size of the largest attachment - and the memory
    usage stays almost constant.

    This is makes Anomy unique, most other scanning solutions are
    heavily dependant on temporary files and require at least twice the
    size of the scanned message for scratch space.

    The price you pay for that scalability though, is the inflexibility
    discussed above. You have to choose between minimizing disk/memory
    usage and flexibility in encoding/decoding/scanning. Can't have
    both... at least not within a generic tool like Anomy.

    I've done specialized sendmail-based installations of Anomy which
    don't rewrite messages unless Anomy actually finds something which
    needed to be changed and don't eat up much more disk space or
    memory than "standard" mail delivery - but that was done by tweaking
    the sendmail delivery process and writing wrappers around Anomy,
    not by modifying Anomy itself.

    Note: if you are directing content to Anomy via. procmail then you
    will want to beware of the memory usage behavior of procmail's
    filter feature - I've had scanning machines max out their memory
    not because of Anomy but because of procmail. So it does make
    sense to limit how big a message you let procmail filter, but
    that's not Anomy's fault. :)

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